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If you’ve been charged by police, or think you might be, it’s vital that you make the right decision about your lawyer now. We know from experience that many clients get promised the world, only to pay thousands of dollars to a lawyer who simply doesn’t deliver. The wrong move can have drastic consequences for you later — including criminal conviction, loss of employment, and jail.

That’s where we come in

At George Criminal Lawyers we take pride in the results that we deliver, and distinguish ourselves from our peers through our reliable, accurate and strong criminal defence expertise. No matter the charge, our philosophy is, and will always be, that our clients deserve the best representation in Queensland.

We provide a highly polished and consistent level of care and attention to detail that many private law firms in Queensland fail to deliver. You can place your trust in us that you are in safe hands, and most importantly — that you won’t be throwing away your money and future by a poor choice of lawyer.

Why? Because our reputation depends on your success.

OVER A decade of specialist experience in criminal defence

We are criminal law specialists because that is all we do. Over the last decade we have become widely recognised as specialists in CEM and sexual offences, as well as for charges of violence, and all types of drug charges including possession, supply and trafficking. If police have charged you with a crime, you can rest assured we’ve dealt with it before.

Andrew has appeared on countless jury trials, appeals and sentences for some of the most serious charges in Australia, including conspiracy to import and traffick drugs, multi-million dollar frauds, and the highest CEM sentence handed down in Queensland.

Our expertise and skill has kept countless clients where they should be — out of prison and focusing on their future.


We walk the walk and will appear for you wherever your charge might be, because we know you require the best lawyer possible. 

Andrew has personally appeared in all levels of courts in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Not many lawyers can say they’ve appeared in the District or Supreme Court without a barrister, but Andrew can. 

Because of this experience, we have gained priceless insight into what each Magistrate or Judge wants to hear. That means we know how to tailor our approach to get you the best possible result.

District Court of Queensland, Beenleigh — 28 August 2018

I’ve had regard to the lengthy submissions made by your lawyer and also the written submissions that’ve been tendered on your behalf. I usually send men in your position to prison for at least a period of six months. There are a number of factors which, I think, have persuaded me quite reluctantly in the end to agree with the submissions of Mr George to put you on immediate parole today. hope you realise what I’m proposing to do is exceptional.

Supreme Court of Queensland, Brisbane — 18 July 2016

“You have today pleaded guilty to a nine count indictment. That indictment charges you with one count of trafficking, seven counts of supply, and one count of possessing property obtained from trafficking. The Crown argues that there needs to be a deterrent sentence. Coming to appropriate sentence is a difficult matter. In the circumstances, the sentence which I will impose for the most serious of that offending, which is the trafficking offence, is, in fact, a sentence of three and a-half years. However, I will suspend that forthwith. You are not required to serve any actual custody.”

District Court of Queensland, Brisbane — 11 July 2019

“I have been helpfully referred to three Court of Appeal cases in Queensland, that have demonstrated, in various circumstances, the sorts of penalties which might be imposed for possessing child exploitation material. I consider, particularly in the light of your early plea of guilty and your ongoing treatment, that you should serve no actual term in custody.”

Supreme Court of Queensland, Brisbane — 26 August 2019

“You have got a very impressive history presented today so far as rehabilitation is concerned. You have a bundle of urinalysis certificates, which very few defendants manage to bring along to Court, despite their obvious relevance. You also present a bundle of references which I think are at least equal to the most impressive I have ever seen in this Court.”

District Court of Queensland, Brisbane — 11 November 2019

“Balancing the aggravating features and the mitigating features, it is clear and indeed conceded by Mr George who appears on your behalf, that a sentence of imprisonment is inevitable. What is in issue here is whether at this stage you need to spend any actual time in custody. In respect of the charge of serious assault with a circumstance of aggravation you are convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for six months. The sentence is to be suspended forthwith.”

District Court of Queensland, Brisbane — 13 March 2019

“You have pleaded guilty to using a carriage service to access child pornography material, distributing child exploitation material, and possessing child exploitation material. What is emphasised on your behalf is your early plea of guilty, the extent of admissions made, your good work history, your young age and your bona fide attempts at rehabilitation. I have concluded that in all the circumstances, the appropriate sentence is one that does not see you imprisoned immediately.”

District Court of Queensland, Brisbane — 26 April 2018

“You are to be sentenced for one count of using a carriage service to access child pornography material. The offence is very serious. I am of the view that a sentence of imprisonment is the only appropriate sentence. Balancing all relevant considerations, I have been persuaded that the mitigating factors are such that a sentence of imprisonment should be imposed, but that it can be served in the community. I intend to sentence you to 18 months’ imprisonment but order that you be released on a recognizance forthwith.”

District Court of Queensland, Warwick — 2 February 2018

You have pleaded guilty to possessing child exploitation material. The material that you had was vile. Even with the heavy mitigation here, the seriousness of this offending, in my view, would require actual imprisonment, but for the evidence of isolation. If there had been a real risk to sexual contact with children, then you would not be leaving this Courtroom other than in a prison van. What I am proposing today is a sentence of 15 months imprisonment suspended for a long time, for four years, and the maximum period of probation, three years, with a treatment condition.”


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