Murder charges

The most serious charge in Queensland is murder, which carries with it a life sentence. If the murder is of more than one person, or of a police officer, the penalty simply gets worse. Manslaughter is the alternative charge to murder, where the intent to kill can’t be proven.

A new development in Queensland is the introduction of a concept of negligent murder, where you can be charged for being so negligent or reckless that your actions resulted in the death of someone else — such as a mother leaving her children in a hot car.

Why you should choose George Criminal Lawyers

Given the seriousness of these types of charges and the consequences for conviction, it is absolutely vital you choose a lawyer who applies a meticulous eye to every single aspect of the case. Expert evidence and reports must be carefully analysed and tested.

DNA analysis, forensic crime scene evidence, forensic crash reports, autopsy reports, and fingerprint analysis are all complicated pieces of evidence. Technological evidence such as cell tower details, Cellebrite downloads and GPS data are also important features that can’t be overlooked. And just because one expert forms an opinion does not make it true.

It is our experience that could be the difference between a conviction and life sentence, or acquittal. This all begins in the Magistrates Court, where many opportunities exist to review and test evidence in preparation for trial. Quite often a committal hearing is used as a means to cross-examine witnesses to narrow the real issues in the case, and as a way to have charges dismissed or downgraded.

If the charge has to proceed, then this careful and strategic planning from the beginning can mean a jury agrees there is a reasonable doubt and find you not guilty. Your future is on the line, and you can rest assured that with George Criminal Lawyers you have the best possible chance.

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