Fraud crimes

Fraud means obtaining a “benefit or advantage” for yourself or someone else by some form of deception. Charges can range from using someone else’s credit card right up to siphoning millions from a company bank account. In addition, receiving benefits from Government departments such as Centrelink and WorkCover Queensland can result in prosecution by them.

Sentencing for fraud offences

The real difficulty in sentencing for these types of matters is that the courts often believe a conviction should be recorded to ensure others in the community know about your wrongdoing. Certainly in Centrelink and WorkCover prosecutions, the question is often not whether a conviction should be recorded, but whether you should spend any time in jail.

For Centrelink fraud, the figures for these sorts of charges generally fall between $20,000 to $60,000, as over-payments haven’t been detected for a number of years. Normally, over-payments are due to not reporting income after returning to work, or falsely declaring unemployment when that is not the case. Given the sheer amount of money received in these sorts of matters, it is vital you use an experienced and careful lawyer to ensure you are not sent to prison.

Why you should choose George Criminal Lawyers

Our careful approach to preparing your matter for sentence allows the court to consider features such as your background, psychological state of mind, and effects of a term of imprisonment on you and your family. As a result, we can put you in a position where the court agrees that no conviction should be recorded against you or that no term of imprisonment should be imposed.

Trials for charges of fraud can last between a couple of days, up to weeks and months, depending on the complexity of what is alleged against you. As a result, it is vital that your lawyer understands the financial details and exactly what evidence is being used against you. Expert evidence can be gathered on your behalf, such as forensic accounting reports and witness testimony, which can establish no wrongdoing on your behalf, if used correctly.

At George Criminal Lawyers, we pride ourselves on the results we consistently deliver for clients charged with fraud offences. You’ve come to the right place.

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