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This page is the culmination of hundreds of hours of research and meticulous data entry. We have created tools that simply don’t exist anywhere else on the internet. It’s quite possibly the greatest of all time (GOAT). We hope it helps you whether you’re a colleague, Judge or Magistrate, or a defendant.

One thing to note — because of the limitations of the dropdown menus on iPhones, this page is best viewed on a computer so you can read all of the text.

Jurisdiction (s552) and maximum penalty checker

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Things to note:

  • This database was last updated on 18 December 2020. Keep an eye out for the next updates coming soon – with more charges to choose from and a reconfigured layout.
  • If a charge says it must be dealt with in a certain court, that means there is no election possible by defence or prosecution.
  • Any charge where a defendant has an election can be dealt with summarily unless the defendant elects jury trial.
  • If charged with the additional circumstance of aggravation under s161Q of the Penalties and Sentence Act 1992 (Qld) then a minimum of 7 years of actual imprisonment must be imposed, cumulative on any other sentences imposed. See s161Q of the Act to calculate periods of imprisonment.
  • Any drug offence will state whether a serious drug offence certificate will issue, or whether drug diversion is available for the offence. If it doesn’t state either of those things, then they don’t apply.
  • While it is mandatory to deal with some offences summarily, and elections can be made to deal with matters summarily, the Magistrate retains an overriding discretion pursuant to s552D to abstain from dealing with the matter if they are satisfied the defendant may not be adequately punished (or because of some other exceptional circumstance). In such cases, the matter must then proceed as a committal hearing.
  • Where a Magistrate is hearing a Weapons Act offence with a maximum penalty over 2 years, and decides the matter should proceed on indictment, they can turn the proceeding into a committal hearing under ss161(6)-(7) of the Weapons Act.
  • Where an indictable offence is dealt with summarily, the maximum penalty is 3 years imprisonment or 100 penalty units. For a Magistrate imposing a drug and alcohol treatment order (i.e. a Drug Court order) the maximums are 4 years imprisonment or 100 penalty units —see s552H. For Weapons Act offences, the maximums are 150 penalty units and 3 years imprisonment.

TORUM disqualification and maximum penalty checker (traffic offences)

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Note: this table needs to be updated following the recent changes to the legislation which now make it mandatory for interlock devices to be installed for mid-range drink driving offences (0.1 to 0.149), as well as imposing mandatory driver educational courses.

Schedule 3 and 4 limits for common drugs (and drug diversion limits)

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Schedule 1 Drugs

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Schedule 2 Drugs

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Drug commodities price guide

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This form uses data from the Crime and Corruption Commission’s Drug Commodities Guide 2014.

Judge's Associates contacts

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Number of days in custody calculator

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Days in custody calculator


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