• 9 April 2024

    7 minute read

    The Court of Appeal recently considered the application of exceptional circumstances in an offence of possessing child exploitation material, and whether a conviction should be recorded.

  • arrow background

    14 March 2024

    6 minute read

    For anyone charged with a minor drug offence in Queensland, drug diversion programs can be a way to avoid convictions and safeguard your future.

  • grey scale justice statue

    13 March 2024

    4 minute read

    The High Court of Australia has just confirmed the law with respect to mandatory minimum sentences in Australia, and how sentences should be calculated.

  • Keyboard

    9 May 2023

    3 minute read

    Queensland has just passed new laws targeting reportable offenders, increasing minimum reporting periods and expanding police powers.

  • close up plant image

    8 April 2023

    3 minute read

    Recent changes to the law have made it legal for doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis in Queensland. Finally, you might think. Read on as we break down the legalities of accessing cannabis for medical treatment.

  • 22 February 2023

    2 minute read

    A new ‘three strike system’ has just been introduced to decriminalise personal possession of most illegal drugs and utensils in Queensland.

  • stethoscope in doctors hands

    20 September 2021

    3 minute read

    In keeping with the times, the Queensland Government has finally legalised euthanasia through the introduction of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill (2021), which comes into effect from 1 January 2023.

  • binary numbers

    4 September 2021

    5 minute read

    In a move that would fit perfectly in George Orwell’s classic novel, 1984, the Federal Government has just passed legislation which grants police access to your computer and online accounts, with power to copy, modify or delete data as they wish. Worried?

  • Fingerprint evidence

    3 August 2021

    10 minute read

    Following conviction for a sexual offence against a child, or a CEM offence, the Queensland government requires offenders to report their personal details. This is often referred to as being on the sex offenders register. Read on as we take a deep dive into the law and explain what it all means.