If we can’t get your charges dropped or downgraded and you want to go to trial, then the court will give you a date for your trial. Magistrates Court trials are usually listed for a single day, with Supreme and District Court trials lasting 2-3 days on average.

Leading up to the trial, there are a number of steps involved. Firstly, we ensure we have all of the evidence, including any evidence you might have in your defence. If we need to, we issue subpoenas or seek directions from the court for further evidence to be disclosed. Secondly, we might need to make applications to the court to exclude evidence obtained through illegal searches, prejudicial evidence, or to exclude statements made by you. Thirdly, we attend conferences with you and a barrister to fully prepare for the trial. Lastly, we attend court with you for the trial.

Our experience and reputation as trial lawyers means you have the best possible chance of being found not guilty. Our experience means that we intimately understand the problems with the evidence in each case, the law, and can provide you with advice and representation of the highest standard in Queensland.