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The consequences of a poor choice of lawyer for a sex offence can have significant consequences for your future. You’ve come to the right place.

Why me?

One of the most common, yet hardest to defend, charges is a sexual one. An allegation of sexual wrongdoing can be made to police very easily. All it requires is a complaint which is usually corroborated (backed up) to some degree by a third party. It can be strengthened by admissions made by you during an interview with police or covertly recorded phone call. Quite often there is no physical evidence, and the strength of the case comes down to the reliability and honesty of the person making the complaint.

What should I do if this is me?

If you think you’re likely to be charged, or are under investigation, it is extremely important that you say nothing until you speak to us. You can’t take back what has been said, but if you haven’t said anything yet, then it’s usually best not to say anything until you know the whole picture. An innocent explanation can be twisted to suit the narrative, and could mean you end up behind bars when that could have been avoided from the beginning.

Once we know the details we can give you expert advice about what to do, and whether you should speak to police. If you already have, then we can liaise with police to ensure that if you are charged, it is done on your terms. If bail is an issue, we can speak to police and make sure that any concerns are addressed, or prepare for a bail application to be made immediately after your arrest.

Why choose George Criminal Lawyers?

It is vital that this sort of matter is approached with the utmost care and skill, because the wrong move could have significant consequences for your future. That’s especially so where the expectation set by our Government is that jail is not a sentence of last resort for this sort of offending. While you might expect that jail is normally imposed for offences like rape and maintaining a sexual relationship with a child, it can also be imposed for less serious charges like sexual assault.

These types of offences usually end up in the District Court for trial, because they are a ‘word against word’ type of case. A jury of 12 is required to hear all of the evidence and is asked whether they find you guilty or not guilty. The tactical steps that are taken throughout the matter, together with our thorough preparation for trial, can mean the difference between you walking out the front door, or being taken out the side.

Careful cross-examination at a committal hearing is one of those steps. It can result in charges being dropped entirely, or less serious charges being presented in the District Court. Many lawyers don’t take advantage of these opportunities at committal, meaning their clients face a trial where they’re starting on the back foot.

And if you want to plead guilty, then all is not lost. There are options available such as mediation that many lawyers won’t even tell you about, because it means less money in their pocket. We have successfully had charges referred to mediation, and then withdrawn, even for offences like rape.

With our tailored and careful approach to these types of charges we have had many clients acquitted after trial, and have prevented sentences of actual imprisonment being imposed on a plea of guilty. By using George Criminal Lawyers, you can rest assured that you are in the safest possible hands.