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If a loved one has been arrested and refused bail, you need an experienced criminal lawyer. You’ve come to the right place.


Bail is the first step that many get wrong, which can lead to being held in prison unnecessarily. In our experience, the wrong choice of lawyer can often mean you end up spending time in jail that you would never have to serve.

In Queensland, bail is a written promise to follow certain conditions while your charges progress through the courts. For first time and minor offences, there are usually no conditions. For more serious charges, or if you have a bad criminal history, the conditions can be very strict. They might include requirements to check in with police every day, conditions about where you can live, curfews, and wearing electronic ankle monitors.

Applying for bail

If you’re denied bail in the Magistrates Court, or if you’re charged with murder, the next step is to apply for bail in the Supreme Court. A lot of work goes in to preparing these applications to ensure that the opportunity is not lost because you don’t have enough information for the Judge.

Our job is to get you out as soon as possible so we prepare all the material that we need to be able to do that. We speak to your friends and family, employers, and organise referrals to rehabilitation centres. We negotiate conditions with the DPP to secure your release, or otherwise make the application before a Supreme Court Judge.

Why use George Criminal Lawyers?

We have a 100% success rate in Supreme Court bail applications because of our careful preparation, ensuring that every possible avenue is covered. Bail applications in the Supreme Court require detailed affidavits, which we fill with as much detail as possible in order to guarantee a release from jail.

Conditions like a surety (offer of money), secured accommodation, placement in a rehabilitation centre and other conditions like curfews can often get a bail application over the line.

If a loved one is in police custody, you need to act immediately to secure their release before a wasted attempt at bail is made by an inexperienced or unprepared lawyer.